About Us

Our Mission for Wirral Chamber of Commerce is:

To develop and promote Wirral as a vibrant and attractive place in which businesses and the community can thrive, ensuring it is seen as an area recognised for investment, job creation, social wellbeing and economic prosperity.

To achieve this vision, we have identified 6 key Aims:

1. To develop an effective public - private sector partnership stimulating business and community growth and creating employment opportunities in Wirral

2. To deliver high quality activities, guidance, workshops and events that support business and community development in Wirral

3. To provide high quality managed workspace to accommodate indigenous, new, expanding enterprise and inward investment projects

4. To generate revenue that can be re-invested to support business growth and the community

5. To develop extensive, meaningful networks for business and community interaction across Wirral

6. To promote and publicise Wirral as an attractive location for business enterprise and social wellbeing

Our core Values:


Creating a flexible culture for our people to thrive and succeed while maintaining a healthy work life balance


Connecting with our members, clients and partners to achieve a shared ambition


Building trust with our members, clients and partners by acting with integrity always


Empowering our people to be creative, take on new challenges, learn and drive innovation


Boldness in our mission to exceed client expectations

Working with:


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